Saturday, 19 October 2013

Wintery Feelings

Okay, it's not quite snow angel time yet this year, but I am starting to get that happy winter feeling.

I'm in the middle of a run of horrid shifts in my rota (8 shifts in a row including 4 nights should be illegal!), but no matter how tired I am I just can't seem to be grumpy at the moment. Now part of this could be due to all the beautiful babies I get to see at work, some of it is definitely due to the honey roast cashews that I'm nibbling, but I think a large part of it is due to the slowly growing wintery feeling inside.

Although I'm being stubborn and not turning on the heating yet, it feels like winter is truly setting in. I've switched to a big warm coat and started wearing boots to walk to work. I've also started burning winter scented candles.

As a rare treat I have next weekend of to spend with my (not so) long suffering husband, and I'm trying to think of something nice and wintery to do. We have to pop to Ikea to get a bed for the spare room before the in-laws come to stay next month, but that still leaves a whole day spare.

I'm thinking a walk outside through the woods nearby and then perhaps lunch in a pub with a big warm roaring fire. Last week we popped to the pub behind our flat which has an open fire, but couldn't get a table anywhere near it, next time I have a plan to get there earlier and beat the crowds. I took a couple of sneaky pictures so will post about our Sunday Lunch there soon.

I also have lots to look forward to this winter. In less than 2 months it's my 1st wedding anniversary and we're planning a romantic weekend away. In fact tonight we need to look at booking a romantic cottage for the weekend... I love planning trips away. As well as that my oldest niece is turning the scary age of 13, we have our 1st Christmas just the two of us at home (although I am working) and then New Year with my Dad.

What do other people like doing when the weather gets chilly?

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