Sunday, 13 October 2013

The Lavender Tea House - Folkestone

Last weekend hubby and I took a drive down to the seaside to visit my Dad. At the same time we took a couple of hours to catch up with V, a lovely lady that I went to school with and still try to see whenever I get home.

She had the great idea to spurn our usual trip to one of many high street coffee chains and instead go to a lovely cafe we have been eyeing up for a good while.

After being stuck in traffic for a couple of hours longer than anticipated our "quick cup of tea" catch up needed to turn into something more substantial and The Lavender Tea House didn't let us down.

From the outside it is very twee, painted lavender (unsurprisingly) and nestled on an old fashioned little street curling off of the high street. Inside the cute tea house theme continues with bunting, fairy lights and a lovely mismatch of chairs, sofas and wooden tables.

Rather temptingly there's an impressive selection of homemade cakes by the front door. I was almost swayed from my usual choice of a scone, but decided that would be madness. I LOVE scones. V and I both went for cream tea. We had a choice of teas and chose a citrusy local tea called Blue Lady, a nice change from my usual choice of Earl Grey. Even though I have a teapot at home it always feel like such a treat having tea served in a pot, and with such cute little cups too!

The scones were generously sized, light and delicious. Served with cream and jam I was in scone heaven. Even my husband's mickey-taking of the way I say scone couldn't ruin them for me.

Hubby had a cheese and chutney sandwich made with lovely fresh bread, stuffed full of good-quality cheddar and fruity chutney. I had a nibble or two and it was delicious.

Next time I go I think I'll have to try one of their tasty sounding savoury tarts or their sausage and mash with homemade sausages. Who doesn't love a good sausage? I also really want to try some of their cakes, so I'm either going to have to go in very hungry or make a couple of trips.

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