About Me

Hello, want to know a little more about me?

I'm over the halfway mark of my mid-twenties, and just settling down into life as a kind-of grown up. I work hard, with long hours and funny shifts but absolutely adore my job training to be a paediatrician. In fact if it wasn't for all the training-related paperwork and regular rota drama I'd have absolutely nothing to complain about.

Everyone knows I'm a massive geek. Not only am I revising for the post-grad examinations that I have to do to progress in my career, I have also chosen to do an MSc part-time and I am hoping to get more involved with research in the near future. "Why?" is my favourite word.

If I'm not at work or studying you'll most likely either find me curled up in bed with a cat and a book or in the kitchen whipping up something (hopefully) tasty. 

I use the fact I'm training as a children's doctor to justify my love for hours spent watching Disney films and building lego masterpieces as well as an unhealthy (and competitive) obsession with board games. 

I am married to a lovely chap who puts up with all my quirks and foibles. He only has one. He's a vegetarian... but we're coming to terms with that. Inara our kitten, also known as Stinky-Bum Pickle-Face to her friends, is definitely not a vegetarian. She mostly likes playing with my toes at 4am in the morning and having her ears cleaned. 

I drink Earl Grey tea with no milk. 

Twitter - @LilDrSunshine
Email - petitegingembre@gmail.com

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