Wednesday, 8 January 2014

One Line A Day

Posts have been a bit sparse over here over the festive season, but after working (a lot) over Christmas week I couldn't pull myself away from friends, family (or food!!) for long enough to write a post. Oops.

I wanted to mention my favourite Christmas present, although I think it was more of a New Year gift. My lovely husband had listened to me, jumping up and down in a bookshop waving this in front of his face, some months earlier.

He got me the One Line A Day 5 year memory book that I wanted so much.

It's a beautiful little baby blue diary with gold edges, in which each day has a page split into 5 years, giving you space to make some notes about that day every year for 5 years. It says "one line a day", but it's actually a couple of lines and with my spider writing I can get a fair bit into there. Kind of a flavour of each day.

I can't wait until a couple of years down the line when I will be filling this out and looking back at what happened in the years before. I anticipate this will be mostly filled with cat stories and food stories, but what could be better?

I am hoping that I will fill the book with lots of happy memories, no doubt a few sad ones too and knowing me some funny almost-disasters to make me giggle in the future.

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