Tuesday, 29 October 2013

The First Second

Tomorrow is Hubby's birthday. Not only is it exciting in it's own right but it's also the first time we have celebrated a specific special occasion more than once together. Our first second so to speak.

Having firsts is very exciting, new situations and new experiences, but although it sounds a little boring I am really looking forward to all the seconds (thirds, fourths and more...). This is going to be the beginning of us forming our own traditions. Exciting times.

Last year all my efforts for Hubby's birthday (although he wasn't hubby then), seemed to go horribly wrong. Not only did I choose presents that I thought were wonderful, but were way off the mark I also had a massive cake disaster. I spent ages baking a cake that looked delicious, but was actually held together but what I can only describe as chocolate flavoured cement. If effort and love could have made a cake taste delicious, this would have been the most wonderful cake ever. Unfortunately they don't and it wasn't.

This year I am playing it safe with a shop bought cake and have hopefully got some presents which will go down a little better. I really don't want to be making a tradition out of bad presents and worse cake.

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