Friday, 25 October 2013

The Morning After The Nights Before

Although I moan about it, I really don't mind working on nightshifts. My problem is getting back into the swing of things afterwards. Luckily we do our nightshifts in little blocks and this morning I just finished my 4th nightshift in a row. Excitingly I'm not back at work until Monday so I hve some time to wind down.

My first day post nights always feels slightly wasted. I stumble home, exhausted and always do the same thing.

Drink, eat, catch up TV and bed.

I got in today and drank 2 pints of water (no time to drink in my 13hr shift last night) and then thought about what I'd fancy. The good thing is after a nightshift it's entirely up to you if you want breakfast or dinner. I went for my guilty pleasure. Instant noodles. There's something so comforting about a big bowl of really soupy instant noodles. These were Mama's pork flavour. A new favourite.

The noodles, the kitten and my iPad were all taken into my nice cosy bed. When I'm on nights I always sleep on hubby's side of the bed. It's silly but it's nice to be able to snuggle down under the duvet that smells like him and pretend he's there to cuddle. (Somewhat strangely hubby and I have separate duvets because otherwise I steal the duvet and hubby has to freeze - separate duvets are one of my top tips for a successful marriage.)

The blinds were drawn and Inara and I snuggled into the duvet to catch up with this week's 90210. Perfect. I fell asleep meaning to only have 3 hours but over 5 hours later I woke up. Perfect post nights day. I always feel guilty for "wasting" the day, but I feel so good having had such a good relax.

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