Tuesday, 3 September 2013

Pre-Nights Day

I survived induction at work. Everyone seems lovely and friendly, but there are so many different things to learn and so many different types of shifts in different areas that I'll be doing over the next year. In fact the most traumatic thing about the whole day was getting lost on the walk home and ending up practically having to hike up a huge hill. By the time I got home I thought that my legs were going to drop off!

Due to a a bit of confusion it turns out that our induction only lasted 1 day, so instead of a second day of induction I am getting ready for a night shift a day earlier than I thought. On the plus side I will get to do the night shift with someone else, so I can ask all my stupid questions about working the computers and finding the right forms for things. On the downside I am having to rearrange everything.

I like my pre-nights day to be pretty relaxed. Everyone has a different way of settling into night shifts. I like to sleep normally the night before, get up early and then go back to bed after lunch. I can use this morning to cook things for the week ahead and do anything I have to do. With this change of plans I'll still get a good pre-nights day today, but tomorrow will be a bit pants. I have to drop off forms and talk to occupational health in the morning, then once I get home I'll get a few hours sleep before the landlord is coming over to do something or other. That probably also means that I'll have to do some cleaning and tidying tomorrow so that the landlord doesn't have to wade through piles of washing up.

The most night shifts I've done in a row is 4, which I feel is about right. I don't know how some people managed to do a week or two.

Anyway I am going to spend the rest of this morning catching up on reading and then eating the lovely tomato, bean and cinnamon soup I've cooked to keep me going over the week. Nom nom nom. I also think I'm going to have to have lots of kitten cuddles from a very grumpy post-vaccination and microchip kitten (have you seen how big that needle is?!).

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  1. awww, good luck with it all and well done for keeping up with the stress!xx