Saturday, 14 September 2013

A Year Ago...

This day last year, rather like today, I was coming home and getting ready to go to sleep before another night shift. It had been an exhausting week. My first ever set of nights as a doctor and they were in A&E! My head was all over the place. The 13th might be unlucky for some, but it had been a very lucky night for me. 

We'd had a strange night. Exceptionally busy early on, our team had referred a couple of patients to the medical team who promptly came down to see them. Strangely we then had a massive lull, not one new patient who hadn't been seen in the department. Perfect time for a cup of tea and a natter with the team. My Registrar had been to the Harry Potter Studio Tour so he was showing off his amazing pictures and I was moaning about how much I wanted to go but no-one would go with me. "We should go together!" butted in the Med Reg. Being a massive loser I presumed that he was saying that out of pity and laughed it off before nervously blurting out my love of lego and other childish things. He left. My Reg was in hysterics at my panicked and frankly embarrassing reaction to some mild flirting, but honestly who would flirt with me in the middle of the night while I'm in scrubs with no make up. There was also a high chance that I hadn't brushed my hair for days at this point. 

Some more patients turned up so I pretty much just knuckled down and got on with things, but in the back of my mind I was thinking "What if he did mean that he wants to go with me?". There wasn't much I could do about it anyway. It's not like I could bleep the Med Reg and say "Hi! It's that A&E SHO... can I have your number to sort out Harry Potter?". 

About 06.30 the Med Reg came back into A&E. I immediately went tomato red and thought about hiding in a cubicle. Turns out he just wanted to speak to my Reg, so much for thinking that he'd come back for me. I sat down and started to write in my last patient notes. The Med Reg hung about, asking how the night had been and making other small talk. By this point I was so confused. "Does he want to talk to me or not?"I thought. Just as I was about to go and check some patient results he asked "So when are you going to Harry Potter?". I took a deep breath, gathered my courage (helped by the insanity of working a week of nights) and said "Well I thought we were going together so you'll have to tell me when you're free"

He quickly scribbled a message on the back of a scrap of paper "If Harry Potter.... Andrew... 01234567890" I still have it somewhere. 

I went home very confused. Perhaps he wants to go as friends? Maybe he doesn't like girls and I've read the situation wrong? What if he doesn't text back. I'd be so embarrassed at work.

When I got home I hardly slept all day and managed to hold back texting him until I woke up in the evening to go back to work.  He text me back... and exactly 3 months later we got married. 

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