Sunday, 1 September 2013

New Job Nerves

It's September already, I can't quite believe it. I've had the last 5 weeks off of work, but as of tomorrow I start my new job. The job I have wanted for ages. The start of my dream career. I've been excited about this day for a long time, and that excitement has only grown as I've sat at home bored for the last couple of weeks as Hubby has gone to work.

Now that it's less than a day until I start I'm petrified. To be honest I've been getting nervous for at least the last week. As usual for me the nerves have started with bizarre work nightmares, getting so bad that the night before last the kitten sat stroking my face with her paws to cheer me up.

Each time I start a new job I worry about not knowing the place, not being good enough and not making any friends. The fact I've survived it so many times doesn't make it any easier. On the plus side lots of us are in the same boat tomorrow, so I imagine everyone will be as nervous as I am.

To try and subdue my nerves I always like to get extra organised and spend my day writing up my new rota, courses and social engagements in my diary. I like writing them in with my favourite pen that I'll have swapped for a cheap biro by tomorrow, due to my habit of leaving a trail of pens wherever I go. Last year I tried to just use my iPhone as a diary, and as much as I love it, it just wasn't the same. I'll also be spending most of the evening emptying and refilling my bag, just like I did before school years ago. I develop a panic that I've forgotten something. I need pens, spare hairbands, diary, purse, stethoscope, hand-cream, paracetamol, water bottle and snacks. That's before I've even begun to remember all the official paperwork and ID documents that I should take. Eek!

Packing and unpacking my bag should be made that little bit more fun as I've decided I'm going to use the bag Hubby bought me a couple of months ago. It is the beautiful Donna Leather Satchel by Ollie and Nic. I just adore everything about it. It's big enough to carry everything I need without looking daft and I hardly ever lose anything in there because it's split into two handy sections. Mostly I love it because it's simply beautiful. It looks beautiful, it feels beautiful it even smells beautiful. I had a minor guilty pang when choosing it in the shop as it was a bit more than I wanted (Hubby) to spend on a handbag, but it was worth every penny. I am really going to enjoy taking it to work! 

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