Thursday, 29 August 2013

Moving House

So finally, a month after last posting, I'm back. I have a (kind of) genuine excuse for my long absence. Moving house. Okay, I know it doesn't take a whole month to move house but all the associated bits (and the little holiday too) take ages. In fact it took over 2 weeks to get our internet working and then the laptop decided to die.

Fortunately for me my hubby is tech-savy and seems to have got it up and running again.

I'm loving the new flat we have moved into. Big windows, laminate flooring, open plan kitchen/living room and best of all we're allowed a cat! It's also good because we're now only 40 minutes from London.

 This makes up for the days of lugging boxes up and down 2 flights of stairs and the rather impressive bruises all over my arms, legs and tummy. I always forget how awful moving house is (even though I seem to move on a yearly basis). Luckily we got all of our deposit back from our last flat, so I feel that the hours spent scrubbing the kitchen have paid back. I even managed to clean the oven without sustaining any chemical burns. A real achievement for someone as clumsy and disaster prone as I am.

Unfortunately my boundless procrastination has meant that even though I'm off work until next week, I haven't finished unpacking the boxes or sorting out the new Ikea furniture. I know. I'm a lazy-bones. I think I just work better under time pressure.

Most of my procrastination so far this week has been in the form of stressing about my new job. It's first day at school syndrome. I'm worried that I won't be good enough and that no-one will want to be my friend. I'm also really stressing out about getting study leave for the part time MSc I am doing. The rota is really tight and I need to try to swap a whole bunch of on calls. In fact I'm so stressed that last night I had nightmares that I was being arrested for writing abbreviations in my notes!

Now that the interwebs is up and running I promise some more frequent (and hopefully more interesting posts)!

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