Saturday, 27 July 2013

Clear out

I am a messy person. No matter how much I try to be tidy I just can't help it. Teamed up with my equally as messy husband who seems to hoard piles and boxes of random things our flat looks like a bomb of clutter has exploded.

Unfortunately, unlike my husband, this drives me insane and makes me very cranky.

Fortunately we're about to do something about it.

In just over a week we're moving house. Well, moving flat. I start a new job soon and my very lovely hubby has agreed to up sticks and move really close to my new job, even though it means a commute for him.

This is the perfect opportunity to have a massive clear out. Over the past few months we have slowly been sorting out our spare room, which is essentially a graveyard for stuff we don't use or need. The idea is that in our new flat we'll be able to fit a bed in it and have guests as opposed to towering stacks of boxes. It feels like we have done a million trips to charity shops and the tip, but the pile of stuff never shrinks.

The last week or so has started a bit of a mad panic. I've been having some tears and tantrums in the run up to moving day. This isn't helped by the 3 night shifts (and 3 days belated honeymoon - yay!), not giving us much time to pack at all.

We uncovered boxes and boxes of stuff that needed to be shredded, but our little shredder can only handle a few pages at a time before it cuts out for an hour to rest (a bit like me). Thankfully the inlaws have a big metal thing for burning, so that's what's we did. It was pretty soothing watching everything just burn up. I might have discovered my inner pyromaniac. all we were missing were some marshmallows to toast over the flames of our old bank statements.

I'm hoping that this big sort out, along with some decent storage ideas (hello underbed boxes!) will be the start of a slightly more ordered, less cluttered life.

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