Monday, 15 July 2013

Summer Evening Beach Picnic

I feel like I've been busy doing anything but relaxing for the past year. If I haven't been at work I've been cracking on with an assignment for my MSc. If I haven't been scribbling away at an assignment I've been preparing a presentation, revising for professional exams or cobbling together an audit. If I've had the rare opportunity to not be doing anything related to the above, I've probably been quietly worrying about all the work I have to do.

The beautiful weather this weekend seemed to be a celebration of the fact that on Sunday morning I finally finished all my assignments for the academic year. What better way to celebrate than a picnic?

Hubby has been keeping out of my way all weekend to let me get on with this essay. He's been spending time with his other love, Molly. She has been buffed and polished to a beautiful shine, so it would have been a shame not to take her with us.

This is the first time we've used this picnic hamper, a gift we bought with some wedding money, so we stuffed it full of goodies and strapped it securely to Molly. I wasn't too sure we'd make it in one piece...

Thankfully we made it to the beach, barely a 10 minute drive away. I haven't been totally honest so far. I said we packed the hamper full of goodies, well I didn't actually have any picnic food. Not to let a minor issue like that get in my way I came up with a plan. I'd planned a smoked mackerel stir fry for dinner. Tasty, healthy and gets rid of all the leftover veg in the fridge. So I went with that plan and packed it up like a little takeaway. I also popped in some apricot tart, a bottle of crabbies for me and some chilled water for the driver. I can promise you that a simple stir fry has never tasted so good as it did sitting on the beach.

By sheer luck we picked the best spot on the whole beach. We were far enough away from everyone to have some privacy but just within earshot of a man sitting playing beautiful tunes on his guitar. We ate our dinner watching people playing with their dogs on the beach and couples strolling hand in hand with their feet in the waves. Just when I thought it couldn't get any more idyllic a group of people on horseback cantered past, it was like something from a film.

My pictures don't do it justice. It looks grey and overcast, but it really was anything but. For after 8pm at night it was still beautifully bright and lovely and warm. I didn't want to leave.

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