Thursday, 29 August 2013

Say Hello To My Little Friend...

Finally after years of waiting I have a pet cat.

Non-cat lovers won't understand this at all, but it's something that I've wanted for so long. When we grew up we had 2 lovely cats. One we got when I was a toddler and the other we got when I was 12. Unfortunately because of unforeseen family things and changes in circumstance we went to live in my Dad's hotel on my 16th birthday and that is when our cats went to live with a family friend, so for the last 10 years I have been catless.

Obviously we couldn't keep cats in a hotel, then I spent 6 years at university frequently spending 3 months at a time on placement away from my flat. The last 2 years I have moved around a lot for work and lived in rented flats with (lovely but) random flatmates, as well as a stint back at home.

Now that I've finally settled down a bit, I know what part of the country I'll be working in for at least the next 8 years I thought it was time to get something cute, furry and loveable back in my life.

So I'd like to introduce you all to Inara (bonus points for anyone who is geek enough to know where the name is from).

I know I'm biased but I think that she is the most beautiful kitten in the world. Unlike me she is remarkably chilled out and settled in instantly. She has managed to wrap hubby around her little paw quicker than I ever could. In fact not only did he carry her into bed every night for the first week but he even spent hours feeding her cat milk out of a syringe when she was dehydrated, getting all covered in dribbles of cat milk!

She was also the first of the 3 of us to get a parcel delivered to the new flat. What a lucky girl.

I realise that I've turned into the mad-cat lady equivalent of a boring parent so I won't show you the other 300 pictures...


  1. Oh my gosh. She is actually one of the cutest kittens I have ever seen. I think it's the syringe :P I've always been a dog person but everytime I see a kitty post it does make me wonder....

    Jenny | sunny sweet pea xx

  2. She is the ideal kitten for a dog person as she chases her tail and is very daft and loving, rather than the usual smart, aloof cat stereotype.